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Who we are

Diakonie Österreich supports people in difficult life situations – in sickness and in social emergencies, as refugees and in the wake of natural disasters. Diakonie promotes the inclusion of disabled people, accompanies those needing care and also in their old age, invests in educational opportunities for children and teenagers alike.

Diakonie ranks amongst the five largest social organizations in Austria. It comments on social policy and takes a stand for the rights and the safety of people in emergency situations.

What we stand for

Diakonie is committed to the Protestant tradition, in which the freedom that is gifted to a person results in responsibility for others. Diaconal action not only means helping people in need, it is also always a protest, calling for changes in the conditions that provoke the distress.


Together with four other voluntary organisations, Diakonie is part of the federal association of non-statutory welfare (BAG), voicing social policy concerns and requesting public funding. As a cofounder and an active partner of the Austrian Anti-Poverty Network (Armutskonferenz) as well as a partner of Zivilgesellschaft und Wirtschaft (civil society and business), Diakonie develops projects to make decision-makers and the public aware of social problems.

In the worldwide ecumenical ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together), Diakonie provides disaster relief beyond borders. Under the umbrella brand Brot für die Welt (Bread for the world), Diakonie promotes long-term projects in development cooperation.


Diakonie bears the Austrian donation seal (OSGS) and undertakes to be economical and transparent in the handling of the donations. Furthermore, Diakonie is a long-time partner of the public-benefit organisations Licht ins Dunkel (light in the darkness) and Nachbar in Not (neighbour in need).

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